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Christmas sprite Didle joins Zwerkin in singing the lullaby "Close Your Eyes." 1:15 9.5MB

Jan and the Elves chorus sing "Old St. Nick." 5.6 MB :34Snavely gets his black Santa-suit. 6.4 MB :38

Zwerkin tells Sandy about his new invention - Teleportation! 5.1 MB :31A family business meeting about the Snavely contract. 5 MB :30Santa tries out the Teleporter and sings "Tele-Santa." 6.7 MB :40

Snavely finds the Melter in Zwerkin's Zwerkshop. 6.1 MB :36Sandy shares her feelings for Zwerkin. 3.4 MB :21Silvin and Jan plot to save the day. 4.7 MB :28Sandy Claus and brother Klaus flying in Blaise, her talking Anti-gravity Sleigh. :26 3.3MB

Falling in love, Zwerkin and Sandy sing "To Start a Life." 6.2 MB :37

Teleporting -- tv must be the way to go...

The metamorphosis of Snavely Claws. :51 6.6 MBMel discovers the peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwich chips. :41 5.2MB